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What We Do

The Best Alternative

Given the focus of the Provision and the transient nature of our intake, we offer a bespoke programme to our learners. We are aware that some of the behavioural problems these young people demonstrate is as a direct result of them being unable to access the curriculum, therefore we offer intensive work in Numeracy and Literacy, this should ensure that they are able to better access the curriculum on their return to mainstream education because of the foundation received at EMLM.


Admissions and Aid

EMLM offers immediate assessment upon entry to the Provision to ensure that the learner is placed in an learning class which will respond to the correct attainment of level of the learner.The curriculum offered at EMLM is focused on the core subjects of Maths and English along with PSHE, Citizenship and ICT. We use the Apricot online programme in Maths and English to ensure that our learners have a firm foundation on which to build when the go back into mainstream schools.

Blended Learning

Apricot, which is Ofsted approved, has a live and interactive online teaching base that delivers some of our lessons, this is administered by fully qualified teachers, experienced in re-engaging reluctant learners and those unable to attend mainstream provisions. The content is graded and learners are assessed on their output on a weekly and termly basis. In addition learners are offered remedial classes by qualified teachers who provide our learners with extra tuition in the curriculum areas they struggle in.

Services for Students

EMLM believes that all students are capable of achieving if given the right support and environment. Our SEN department is committed to offering our learners challenging yet achievable milestones in learning. Learners who have special education needs are given significant support to achieve and learn. Our workers who are committed and dedicated to shaping lives overextend themselves to impact the learners in this department with a timetable tailored to meet their needs.


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