Education My Life Matters | Our Aims
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Our Aims

Aim and Objectives 


EMLM works in collaboration with local education authorities, The Virtual School, local schools and specialist institutions to change the mindset of learners and ensure that they receive individually tailored learning to address their specific needs to enable re-engagement to mainstream learning. EMLM aims to facilitate the reintegration of learners into full-time school and or further education. The development of learners personal integrity, self-esteem and citizenship is central to the organisations work.

EMLM’S Objectives are to support learners


  • To develop learners educational and personal potential in a safe, stimulating and supportive learning environment.¬†
  • To make good progress in learning
  • To prepare learners for successful reintegration with school and or Further Education.
  • To identify and change aspects of behaviour that are contributory to difficult experiences in school and other learning institutions.